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Youth Athletics Appreciation
Youth Athletics Appreciation
Youth Appreciation
Since 1957, Optimist Clubs have recognized youth for their talents
in the arts, athletics, academics, and for contributions to
community. The Youth Appreciation community activity
provides the perfect opportunity for your Club to recognize youth
and involve them in Optimist events. This is the most popular
Optimist International program with more than 2,000 Clubs
participating each year. Clubs should schedule their activities
during the time that best fits their community's calendar.
Events can be scheduled for one day or for an entire week.
Youth-In-Government Day Ideas
These events gives young people the opportunity to gain first-
hand knowledge about their local or national government.
There are many different activities and projects that can
complement this special day.
Office Tour
Match up students with city, county, state or provincial
government officials for one morning or an entire work day.
Have students vote for one elected ‘official’ who will shadow
the mayor.
Involve your Chamber of Commerce in the event.
Direct a discussion among students regarding what they
learned from the experience.
Mock Session
Arrange a mock city council or community development
Topics to be discussed could include city or state
government issues such as city budgeting, local crime,
water pollution and zoning regulations.
Elected students would serve one-day terms in various
council-reporting positions. On the designated day, they will
occupy the desks of the officials and learn about the problems
that confront the public servant and how they are solved.
Public Servant Internship
Organize a day or week-long internship program with
a local government office.
Participants are assigned to the supervision of one
government employee and assume this individual’s
job duties for the week.
Present the interns with citations of appreciation for
their service, and celebrate their accomplishments
with a recognition lunch or dinner.
Mayor For A Day Essay Contest
Hold an “If I were mayor…” essay contest for
Judge the essays and arrange for the contest winner to
accompany the actual mayor of your city for one
working day.
Arrange for the rest of the students to get a tour of
city hall.
Get Out The Vote! Campaign
Coordinate and staff a voter registration table in a
public place, such as a shopping mall, community
center or at a rock concert.
Volunteer to work at the polls on election day.
Organize a classroom presentation or assembly that is
targeted to an audience of high school juniors and
seniors. Include topics such as the history of
suffrage in the country, statistics on current electoral
turnout and the meaning of the voting privilege in
today’s society.
Invite your local election commissioner to bring in a
voting machine so that students can get a first-hand
look at the process.
Patriotism Essay or Speech Contest
Sponsor a “What is Right With Our Nation” essay
or speech contest.
The subject may be adapted to incorporate other
citizenship themes such as Respect For Law.
Enlist Club members to be the panel of judges for the
contest or request assistance from teachers.
Present winners with a national flag as a
remembrance of their inspiring patriotism.
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Youth Athletics Appreciation